Obtaining Your Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreigners wishing to settle in Turkey must first apply for a residency permit in Turkey. We’ll answer issues like how to acquire a resident permit in Turkey and what papers are necessary for a residence permit in Turkey in this post.

How to get your residency permit in Turkey?

A residency permit in Turkey is a document that allows persons who are not Turkish citizens to dwell in the country. If you wish to start residing in Turkey, you should apply for a residence visa in Turkey 2021.

When visiting Turkey, you are only allowed to stay for the duration of your visa. If you plan to stay in Turkey after your visit, you should apply for a residence permit within your first month here. Your application for a residence permit in Turkey is determined by the reason for your relocation. Working, studying, and family residence permits are among the several types of residency licenses available in Turkey. You may acquire a tax number in Turkey, establish a Turkish bank account, get a Turkish phone number, invest in real estate in Turkey, and much more with your permission.

What documents should you provide to obtain Turkish citizenship?

You must get your resident permit paperwork in order to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. But first, let’s go through the several sorts of residency permits in Turkey.

After you’ve decided the sort of residence permit you’d want to apply for, go to https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/ and fill out the online application. After that, you must schedule an appointment to deliver your papers.

How to buy property in Turkey for citizenship

You can also obtain a residence permit by making a financial investment. You can purchase a house if you can’t renew your residence permit or if you don’t fulfill the residency requirements. Make your investment in Istanbul’s top real estate developments right now. You must invest $250,000 on a property to obtain Turkish citizenship via investment. If all you want is a residency permit in Turkey, the price of the home you wish to buy is irrelevant.

As you can see, the citizenship by investment program is one of the most attractive options for relocating to Turkey and obtaining a Turkish passport. With all of these advantages, you may consider it one of the finest purchases you will ever make in your life. If you have $250,000 to invest, this is a fantastic opportunity that you should not pass up.

Look for the best property in Turkey now and see what investment options are available out there for you to consider. Once you locate the right investment, you just need to go ahead with spending your money to obtain the citizenship without a struggle. This can deliver the most convenient experience as you try to obtain citizenship. Any interested person who can invest money can go for it as well.